Sunday 25th November 2018 – Powerstock Common, near Bridport, Dorset

This is a Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve in the heart of the rich, ancient countryside of the west of Dorset. The reserve has been well recorded in the past, but following clearance of conifers there may be some further surprises. The reserve includes ancient wood pasture, with a good epiphyte flora, ancient woodland and fen, with plenty of springs and flushes. A deep, former railway cutting provides access to some calcareous communities; Entodon cocinnus was recently found here.

Park at the reserve entrance at SY 546973, beside a disused railway bridge, on a minor road west of Toller Porcorum, near Maiden Newton, and north of Eggardon Hill. Parking is limited, so please share lifts, if possible.

Leader: Andrew Branson

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