Sunday 24th March 2019 – Fyfield Down, Marlborough, Wiltshire

Fyfield Down is a biological and geological SSSI in the Marlborough Downs. It contains the best assemblage of sarsen stones in England and supports populations of bryophytes not known from elsewhere in Wiltshire and/or southern England. Species known from the stones include Grimmia decipiens, Orthotrichum rupestre, Hedwigia stellata, H. ciliata, Racomitrium heterostichum and Pterogonium gracile. We have permission to explore an area where there are few previous records (SU1371).

Meet in the car park north of Manton at SU 159699, which is accessed via a minor lane off the A4. Please note that due to the remote nature of Fyfield Down this visit is likely to involve 6-7km of walking.

Leader: Sharon Pilkington

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